• Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa
  • Ayane Nakagawa

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Vol. 155 Updated Jun. 15, 2022

Thank you for visiting the Performing Arts Network Japan (PANJ) website. We value your ongoing patronage highly. In order to better serve you, we now announce a change in the address (URL) of PANJ. Please note the URL change below and your “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” to the site if necessary.

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Perfoming Arts in Japan 日本の舞台芸術

Artist Interview アーティストインタビュー

Min Tanaka

“I dance not in the place I dance the place”
The “Unnamable Dance” of Min Tanaka

Dancer Min Tanaka has been doing what are called “Locus Focus” (Ba-odori) in myriad locations around Japan and the world. In 2022, the documentary film The Unnameable Dance (directed by Isshin Inudo) has put Tanaka in the spotlight once again. In this long interview exploring the mind of the dancer, Tanaka talks about subjects ranging from his early encounter with [Butoh founder] Tatsumi Hijikata to the establishment of plan-B (Nakano, Tokyo) that marks its 40th anniversary this year, his undertakings with the Hakushu Festival and more.

Ayane Nakagawa

Nihon Buyo × Ballet × Theater
The seamless world of Ayane Nakagawa

Ayane Nakagawa (b. 1991) was the winner of three awards in the Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 for her work my choice, my body, in which she danced wearing a Noh mask. Having studied ballet and Nihon Buyo (traditional Japanese dance) from childhood, Nakagawa went on to major in theater at university. This long interview explores the seamless genre-crossing world of Nakagawa’s unique contemporary dance.

Kakushin Tomoyoshi

Expanding from Satsuma Biwa
The Thoughts of Kakushin Tomoyoshi

Born (in 1965) into a family where both of his grandfathers were Satsuma Biwa players, Kakushin Tomoyoshi learned various traditional arts from a young age before becoming a professional Biwa performer. He studied under the master Biwa performer Kinshi Tsuruta, from whom he learned the traditional classical Biwa repertory, but his activities also ranged into areas such as live performances with the likes of Demon Kakka, performing new Biwa works, and doing joint concerts with domestic and international musicians. He has also planned music for video games and served as advisor and instructor on traditional performing arts for TV historical dramas series on the NHK national broadcasting network. In this interview we ask about his quest to explore new horizons for the Satsuma Biwa and his efforts to spread its popularity.

Yuichiro Tamura

Found images and objects inspiring flights of imagination – the method of Yuichiro Tamura

In June of 2021, contemporary artist Yuichiro Tamura presented his first theater work, titled TASTELESS, at Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza (video documentary scheduled for posting on the theater’s YouTube channel from Mar.). In this long interview, we explored the creative approach of Tamura, an artist known for his installations and performances that take preexisting images or objects as starting points to construct multi-layered stories woven from intersecting threads of the real and the fictional.

International Presenter 世界のプレゼンター

Presenter Interview プレゼンターインタビュー

Samson Sylvain

Promoting French Culture and Cultural Exchanges
Institut français du Japon – Tokyo

Institut Français (French Institute) was launched in 2011 as the umbrella organization for the culture departments of French embassies around the world and cultural facilities under the auspices of the French Government. In Japan, with its rich tradition of cultural exchange, Samson Sylvain, a specialist in Japanese culture, assumed the position of Chief of the Cultural Program at Institut français du Japon and the post of Cultural Attaché at the French Embassy, Tokyo, in 2018.

Ryohei Kondo

“Crossing” as a theme to make a theater more fascinating
Ryohei Kondo’s next stage as an Artistic Director

Ryohei Kondo is widely known as the leader of the performance company Condors, which presents cross-over mixes of dance, music, skits, film and more. His wide-ranging activities include performances around Japan, workshops for the public and educational programs to develop physical expression, among others. From April of 2022, Kondo assumes a new position as Artistic Director of the Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater. In this interview we asked him to speak about his cross-over orientation and his aspirations regarding his new theater position.

Yu Hosik

New Dance for Asia(NDA)が10周年
Korean alternative dance platform
New Dance for Asia (NDA) celebrates its 10th year

At just the age of 30 in 2012, dancer and choreographer Yu Hosik formed NDA (formerly Gwang Jin International Summer Dance Festival) to help nurture young artists, and this year it enters its 10th year of activities. This interview explores the ideals of NDA as it strives to become a platform for young Asian artists, while connecting with festivals in countries across the region.

Jenny Schlenzka

From PS122 to Performance Space New York, what is the mission of the new Director?

Since being established by artists in 1980, New York’s PS122 has been known as a hub for experimental and avant-garde arts. In 2017, PS122 appointed Jenny Schlenzka, a respected curator at MoMA and at MoMA PS1, as its new Executive Artistic Director. In addition to changing the PS122 name to Performance Space New York (PSNY), Schlenzka was instrumental in issuing a new Mission Statement addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in December of 2021. In this interview, Ms. Schlenzka talks about PSNY and its role as a space for artists and the community.

New Plays 日本の新作戯曲

苗をうえる 細川洋平 Plant the Seedlings
Yohei Hosokawa

Yohei Hosokawa (born 1978), who also works as an actor, premiered this play in 2022 as a production of in the solo company Horobite, which he presides over as playwright and director. The story centers around a high school student who wakes up one morning to find that her left hand has turned into a knife, and the people around her who are hurt with no such intention on her part.

池田亮 Musume (daughter/girl)
Ryo Ikeda

This play is written by Ryo Ikeda, a playwright and leader of the theater company Yu-mei who has written plays based on themes like his personal experience of being bullied and family stories, and it premiered in 2021 as a Yu-mei production. Centering around two mothers who became connected when their children married, the play strings together fragmented recollections to paint a picture of the ongoing lives of the families spanning two generations, with the various defining differences between the parent and child generations of our times.

未練の幽霊と怪物 岡田利規 Unfulfilled Ghost and Monster Toshiki Okada

This is a play in two parts, “Zaha” and “Tsuruga,” which borrows the format of “Dream Noh” plays. In Zaha, the spirit of the architect Zaha Hadid appears in the form of a ghost, and in Tsuruga, the spirit of Japan’s Nuclear Fuel Recycling Policy appears in the same manner. Originally, the performances of this play were scheduled to be held in June and July of 2020, but they had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually the results of the rehearsals up to the middle of the play were presented online as The Ghost Performance of “Unfulfilled Ghost and Monster”. The stage premiere finally took place in June of 2021. The resulting play won the drama/scenario award of the 72nd Yomiuri Literature Awards and the 25th Tsuruya Namboku Drama Award.

Arts Organizations 世界の支援団体

クマ財団 Kuma Foundation
Kuma Foundation

Kuma Foundation was established for the purpose of discovering and supporting the development of creators in 2016 by COLOPL Inc., a company widely known for its popular GPS-based mobile games designed for playing on mobile phones and the like, such as “Coroni na seikatsu” and “Shironeko Project.” Serving as Representative Director of the foundation is Naruatsu Baba, the founder of COLOPL Inc.

ダンシング・ミュージアム Dancing Museums Dancing Museums

Dancing Museums is an action-research project designed to foster and sustain long-term collaborations between dance and museums. With France’s National Choreographic Development Centre of Val-de Marne (CDC) serving as a central coordinator, and with funding from the European Union (EU) arts and culture support program, Creative Europe, the project was launched in 2015 (second period starting in 2018 with six participating countries).

Creative Europe (EU) Creative Europe Creative Europe

In the European Union (EU), where culture and creativity play an important role in the economies of the member nations, the Creative Europe program was introduced in 2014 to encourage further development in the culture and creative arts industries. The Creative Europe program is divided into three “stands”: the MEDIA strand (Culture strand (covering initiatives in the audiovisual sector promoting development, distribution and access to audiovisual works), the MEDIA Mundus (cross-sector strand for transnational cooperation in the audiovisual industry, and the Culture strand (promoting cross-border cooperation in culture sector initiatives). For the program’s second fiscal period (2021 – 2027), the budget scale is 2,440,000,000 euros.