Project Title
Project Period
Project Summary
commencement date
end date
Tour Des Utopies? RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALES DE THEATRE DE BESANCON Japon/Iran/France Besançon, Belfort, Paris, Dijon, Thionville, Elancourt (FRANCE) Apr. 2009 May. 2009 NOUVEAU THEATRE - CENTRE DRAMATIQUE NATIONAL DE BESANCON ET DE FRANCHE-COMTE Contemporary Theatre: Tour for the collaboration work by three stage directors, Oriza HIRATA (Japan), Amir Reza Koohestani (Iran), Sylvain Maurice (France) in France. Six actors from three countries speak their own language.
Tour MIROKU Paris, Lyon (FRANCE), Salamanca (SPAIN), Reggio Emilia (ITALY) May. 14, 2009 Oct. 15, 2009 Festival d’Automne à Paris Contemporary Dance: Tour for Miroku , new creation by Saburo TESHIGAWARA, in three cities in three European Countries. Festival d’Automne a Paris France, in Salamanca Spain, in Reggio Emilia Italy.
Tour Par-dessus bord (provisional title) Paris, Saint Quentin en Yveline, Caen, Reims, Lyon, Nantes, Nancy (FRANCE) Apr. 20, 2009 Mar. 31, 2010 La Compagnie de la Mauvaise Graine Contemporary Theatre: Par-dessus bord Originally Written by Michel Vinaver, in a new version by Oriza Hirata, direction by Arnaud Meunier with actors from Seinendan (Japan) and La compagnie de la Mauvaise Graine . Tour in 7 cities in France.
Tour KIYOTSUNE & PAGODA Dublin (IRELAND), London, Oxford (UK), Paris (FRANCE) Nov. 26, 2009 Dec. 12, 2009 JAPAN SOCIETY Traditional Theatre: Noh drama by the Kita-Ryu Oshima Family. Kiyotsune (Traditional piece) and Pagoda (New creation in English by English writer.) Beside of performances, workshops at SOAS, lectures and demonstrations at British Museum, Japanese Embassy in Dublin, Japanese Embassy in UK are taken place.
Tour Gagaku Ensemble Reigakusha Paris (FRANCE), Turin, Milan (ITALY), Geneve (SWITZERLAND) Sep. 19, 2009 Sep. 26, 2009 Interarts Riviera SA Traditional Music and Dance: Ancient Japanese Court Music GAGAKU played by the REIGAKUSHA in four European cities, including Festival MITO in Italy.
Tour Dairakudakan Kochuten Tour Rome (ITALY), Paris, Orleans (FRANCE) Nov. 9, 2009 Dec. 7, 2009 CENTRE CHOREGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL D’ORLEANS BUTOH: Kochuten projects by the young members of DAIRAKUDAKAN. Performance Chi at Centre Choregraphique National d’Orleans as part of the program in the Traverses Festival.
collaboration UNE (MICRO) ECONOMIE DU MONDE (provisional title) Gennevilliers (FRANCE) Apr. 2009 Jun. 2010 THEATRE DE GENNEVILLIERS Contemporary Theatre: Three Japanese young directors introduced by Oriza HIRATA and Pascal RAMVERT, director of Theatre de Gennevilliers, will co-direct RAMVERT’s new play Une (micro) economie du monde to be presented in Tokyo and three cities in France. The company will stay at Gennevilliers for the creation.
collaboration Creation 2010 - Giséle Vienne (provisional title) Brest, Gennevilliers (FRANCE) Apr. 2009 Mar. 2010 DACM_Giséle Vienne Mixed media dance: Collaboration work by Gisele Vienne, French choreographer/marionette artist, and Shiro TAKATANI, artistic director of dumb type, under the theme of sense of beauty. Participation of Japanese and European artists and musicians. The tour will be held at first in Brest and in Gennevilliers next.
collaboration THE IKEBANA PROJECT / EMMANUELLE HUYNH (provisional title) Angers, Paris, Caen (France) Apr. 2009 Nov. 2009 CENTRE NATIONAL DE DANSE CONTEMPORAINE - ANGERS Contemporary Dance: Collaboration work by Emanuelle Huynh, choreographer/artistic director of Centre National Choreographique a Angers and Seifu OKUDAIRA, master of Japanese flora art of Sekiso-ryu. Okudaira and Huynh will make flower arrangement and body movement in unison under the theme of rikka . The tour schedule will be firstly in Angers in autumn 2009, Festival d’Automne a Paris, Japan and NY.
collaboration RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT RESIDENCY WITH THE JAPANESE ARTIST KIM ITOH Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) Sep. 14, 2009 Oct. 4, 2009 DANCE CITY Contemporary Dance: Workshop by Kim ITOH, dancer/choreographer. Three weeks workshop for everyone from children to seniors.
collaboration NETWORKED VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENTS ( UKIYO ) London (UK) Apr. 2009 Jun. 2010 DANS SANS JOUX (Design and Performance Lab) Mixed Media Dance: Research work initiated by a dance critic Yukihiko Yoshida, for the corporal expressions from distant places by using digital interfaces and networks. Workshop of human body with detachable devices and performance will be held for mutual interaction among performers and participants.
collaboration BITTERSWEET RECIPES Frankfurt, Marburg, Düsseldorf (GERMANY), Wien (AUSTRIA) Apr. 2009 Jul. 2009 KLIMAELEMENTE Mixed media dance: Collaboration work by Japanese dancer/ choreographer Yui Kawaguchi, and German artists using film, dance, physicality in performance.
collaboration ADVANCED COMPOSITION WITH SOMEI SATOH Dartington (UK) Aug. 15, 2009 Aug.24, 2009 THE DARTINGTON HALL TRUST Contemporary Music: Toshiaki Sato, contemporary composer will deliver lecture and demonstration on his method of composition and execution of Japanese traditional instruments for participants at Dartington International Music Summer School. The concert will be held after the workshop with participants. Shiro Nomura (Noh actor), Kazuki SAWA (violinist), Isao Matsushita (composer) also participate as lecturers.